Monday, 10 November 2014

Taking Stock - November...

Today I'm taking inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers - the fabulous Pip Lincolne at meet me at mikes - every month she writes a list called Taking Stock - I think she's putting it in her book too. I like it because it gives a snapshot of what's going on, how she's feeling and what inspires her but also because doing its just a really nice way of focussing on the things that we enjoy and that make us smile...

this is how it goes

this November I am

Making: my hitchikers scarf and two superhero capes for Friday's Children in Need Day
Cooking: Jerusalem Artichokes any which way we can
Drinking: coffee - too much and yet never enough
Reading: Half of a Yellow Sun by Chinamanda NGozi Adichie
Wanting: to finish the hallway decoration already.
Looking: at autumn leaves and berries - relishing the last bursts of colour
Playing: David Sedaris Audio books - laughing my way through SAD
Wishing: autumnal cinnamon bakes were fat free
Enjoying: the kids new found rapping skills
Loving: my new project - I cant wait to share it
Smelling: the last of my Jo Malone Red Roses - Do you hear that Santa?
Wearing: black skinny jeans that I can fit into again - hurray
Anticipating: Christmas party nights out - bring on the bling
Buying: as little as possible other than Christmas gifts
Disliking: mud being trailed into the house
Eating:bananas - im like a minion for bananas right now
Planting: as many tulip and allium bulbs as time will allow - roll on Spring
marvelling; at how cool my girl is, how unfazed she is by her school assessment day
wondering: if i'll ever be organised in time for Christmas
feeling: happy

How is your November going?
Hope its a good one x



  1. Replies
    1. sending:you some East Yorkshire sunshine (its a rare and valuable commodity!)

  2. Liking: this post and the exercise of taking stock.

    1. appreciating: my lovely fellow bloggers - thank you for taking the time to drop by and comment x

  3. Ok, so... Finish the hallway, check. Jo Malone red roses, check. David Sedaris tickets this summer in York, check. Oh, and would you like another coffee?

  4. Lol - It wasn't supposed to be my Christmas list but hey if it works!!! yes please to all four x
    screaming with excitement: IM GOING TO SEE DAVID SEDARIS!!!

  5. A minion for bananas, so funny. Liking your list btw

    1. Hi Shaheen - we love the minions here - my kids cant wait for the movie next year!

  6. What a good idea to make a list like this, it will be fun reading back on it at a later date.

    1. Hi Jo - im going to try and write on each month as snapshots of the year - give it a go x

  7. Reminds me - I have more bulbs to plant too! Congrats on the skinny jeans - fantastic! Got a great recipe for you - this went down a treat in our group - ideal for slow cooking too - in your new cooker! lol! Will e-mail it over. November has mostly been spent on the room preparation - will be my sewing/craft room / spare bedroom - but I wont be inviting many visitors to stay! lol!

    1. Hi D - I still haven't finished with the bulbs - rain stopped play! I had a good week at SW - another 2lbs - I think trying out new SW recipes is definitely the way forward so looking forward to your email x love the idea of your own craft room - we have a guest room that i'm dying to convert but I don't think I could persuade our guests that they'd be happy in the caravan lol!

  8. I should plant bulbs! Love yoru list. Thanks for sharing it.


  9. Hi, love your interesting list.Thanks for sharing...I especially like your drinking coffee, too much yet never enough. I'm one of them, drink several cups a days. :)) Nice pictures.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  10. I love that list...and funny I was writing about finding our joy in the ordinary today, and this inspires me to make a list for myself.



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