Sunday, 9 November 2014

Invasion of the Artichokes...

Spot what's wrong with this picture - okay don't dwell too long on the weeds or the wobbly paths...Spot the great big clump of Jerusalem Artichokes that some Doofus (namely me) planted in the wrong place, right at the front of the plot! I didn't believe they would grown to two metres - I laughed at the idea they would take over, and now I admit it...I was wrong - so very wrong! My mission this Autumn is to dig them all out and re site them - do I think Ill succeed? Not likely!
But the first dig started today and to paraphrase Miss Celie from The Color Purple - 'they sure is ugly'! the kids think they look like Grubs or great big maggots - lovely!
I'd usually hide them in a soup but as we're sworn off butter and cream and all things that make artichoke soup lovely another way had to be found. I can't overwhelm the house menu with them as their nickname 'fartichokes' is well deserved, so we're going for little and often and thoroughly well cooked.
Tonight we had them mashed, seasoned and stacked with baby vegetables. Delicious and as far as the side effects far, so good!


  1. What a beautiful garden!! Catherine

  2. yep impressive garden you have a green thumb

  3. Good luck with moving them!

  4. I have never grown them on purposes as many have said how invasive they are - never tasted them either. But the flowers put on a show - maybe I could find a corner to grow some next year - maybe. Your garden is lovely were the pictures taken earlier in the year - mine is looking pretty bare now with just a few brassicas to see us through the winter. Have a great week.

  5. We once planted a whole row to act as a wind break (no pun intended). They produced a huge spreading thicket which we removed and yes it is now gone forever so there is hope.


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