Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Michaelmas Fair - part two...

Half terms over and it's back to our usual routine. The jobs got done, the lie ins were enjoyed and a bit too much Halloween chocolate got scoffed!
I spent the first weekend helping out my friends from Manor Farm Beef at Burton Agnes Hall Michaelmas Fair. Our hot pulled beef sandwiches were delicious- topped with horseradish, chilli or sour cream and chives and before we knew it they were all sold out!
The stand looked so good...
And we were in the best place right by the barbecue as the temperature outside dropped! 
I got a bit of a look round too - there were some great stalls showcasing amazing crafts and artisan producers. Here a few to give you a flavour of the day...

Even the cold weather couldn't stop us sampling the ice creams!
It's never too early for decorations...or pumpkins...

It was autumn and Christmas all rolled up into one- and the perfect place for wrapping up warm up warm and enjoying some retail therapy!


  1. We are still doubting whether or not spending a few days in England next December, like we did the past few years and had great times. Doing our Christmas shopping, visiting the numerous antique shops, enjoying the scenery and lovely villages. Reading your (and some other) blog makes it more difficult to stay at home :-)

    Enjoy the day!

    1. Thank you Gerda - you should definitely do it - Yorkshire is beautiful in the autumn. It's lovely to hear from you x

  2. I LOVE beef and horseradish - I add horseradish to my mashed potatoes on Christmas Day - may add some chives too.

    1. It is good isn't it? The hotter the better too!

  3. Looks a lovely day - glad you stayed warm!

  4. Thanks Su - the roof nearly blew off a couple of times but we were definitely in the best place!


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