Monday, 10 September 2012

Where did the time go....

Hello there anybody there? The last thing I remember school was breaking up in July, we had a big list of things to do and then what do you know...its September and we're back at school!

We have been busy though honest! I can prove it...

We almost finished the hallway...

Even John Deer is finally in his rightful place,

we made a start on decorating the new build - the room that will one day, finally, be our grown up bedroom!

 despite a dreadful harvest in the garden, the broad beans did us proud...

and this was our best year yet for gooseberries - red ones at that!

 and our dragons egg cucumber - we only managed one, and it didn't taste great but it grew!

and then what with the weather and the kids activities and playdates and packing and unpacking and laundry and putting away...the summer was gone - hey ho!
The plus side for me though is I have time for blogging again - every cloud has a silver lining!

We did have one other big distraction over the summer...I took the following picture there - can you guess?

 to be continued....


  1. hmmmmmmm not Scarborough then? lol!

  2. Somewhere warm and Italian?

  3. I'm too busy drooling over your broad beans to comment.
    Jane x

  4. Thanks Jane and Chris- I'm pretty addicted to broad beans too which is just as well!

  5. Nice to see you blogging again. It's been an awful year for veggies but I too managed some broad beans, my first year growing them. I also bought a red gooseberry bush so I hope to be harvesting some of those next year.

  6. Glad you had a good summer. I've experienced the same paradox.. the more time I had during the holidays, the more jobs seem to take me away from the computor! Wierd....! Nice to hear from you again. Jx

  7. Decorating has been on our to do list for about four years - we keep finding other things that need doing first!!!

  8. good to see you blogging again. I've been absent without leave too :-(
    ah well.... we are both back and now loads to catch up on.
    blessings, Willow xXx

  9. Such a busy summer. Glad cooler autumn weather is here to catch up on everything! Can't wait to see more of the adventure.

  10. Each time my stats say someone came from This Yorkshire Life, I come see what you are up to. The house makes good progress!

    1. Thanks Diana - We're getting there - I took a long break from writing to get on with it all but hopefully things are levelling out now and i'll be back on the blog - look forward to seeing whats happening on Elephants Eye x


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