Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mushroom magic...

Puffball mushrooms are a magical mystery to me... You can never know when or where they will appear, you can long for one ages and then when you least expect it one will pop up right in the middle of your lawn...

Or at least that's the wish . They never arrive in my garden, but bionic grandpa came home to find an enormous one waiting by his back door - the local farmers know of his penchant for them and some one had left him an anonymous gift!

I only got a few slices saved for me as you can see - but that was enough for breakfast for two...

I fried them in butter then added black pepper and lemon zest - trust me it works....and voila! Seasonal breakfast heaven!

Now I have to work out which field it popped up in and cross my fingers for next year!

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  1. Must admit to being very wary of wild fungi - I'd probably poison us all.

  2. when we first moved the Belleau Cottage there were about 5 of these in the field opposite and we didn't know what to do with them... i've never seen them since and am gutted about it... yours look so good... I do love a mushroom!

  3. Ive never eaten one, nor had one grow in the garden. I hope you manage to track some others down.

  4. Hi Sue I'm just as wary as you- Puffballs are the only ones I can ever recognise because they look like White footballs - I daren't pick any others x

  5. Thanks Dom - theyre so tasty and they have a great texture- kind of creamy - keep your eyes peeled, this could be your lucky year!

  6. Thanks Su- I'm determined to find another this year or failing that persuade the farmer to leave me the next one!

  7. Look like a really nice breakfast. I like adding a bit of creme fraiche and black pepper to my fried mushrooms. Jx

  8. We get them - and a farmer has brought us some in the past too! Awesome! Fillet steak heaven!

  9. Very cool! We do have many mushroom varieties around us...I just never know how to identify them properly.


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  12. Dear Free Range Girl,

    I don't see much action here since last September. Are you still actively blogging?

    G. Pence

    1. Hi GPence61 - You were right to ask - I wasnt blogging - my latest post will explain why - but I am now so thanks for asking and thanks for dropping by.


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