Saturday, 18 June 2011

A roof at last...

Finally, the roof is in place, the last bits of pointing have been done and the scaffolding is coming down a tier! At this rate we might let BH down to ground level tomorrow for Fathers Day! To be truthful he did finish cementing last Sunday, but then had to watch as the rains came and washed away all his hard work, we will laugh about it one day, but not for a while!

We've been cracking on a pace here and as usual there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Veg are bolting, weeds are rampaging and everything and everyone is demanding more attention than usual.

The borders however are blooming marvellous...

What these pictures don't show, thank goodness, are the showstopping nettles just waiting to pounce and reclaim the land - they're everywhere!

But its not all work and no play, we might feel fit to drop by the end of the day but we cracked open the Pimms today, it is summer after all, and whilst it didn't quite revive us, it certainly made having a sit down more relaxing...


  1. A roof and beautiful flowers? Lucky girl!!

  2. How about some nettle soup?!?

    Congrats on the new roof :-}

  3. What no Moscow mule ;-) Pimms looks good and I've got a great ginger mint from a certain plant festival at Burton Agnes that would go very well with it! Roof looks great, BH has done an amazing job.


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