Monday, 8 September 2014

When courgettes go rogue...

One of our courgette plants showed no promise all summer. It flowered then the flowers would fall off and despite reguring checking not a single fruit was to be found. Until now....

Left entirely to its own devices, in the overgrown untended patch, the plant produced one solitary courgette, which grew and grew and..

...and I suspect wouldn't have stopped if I hadn't tripped over it whilst watering! Weighing in at 4.7kg, this hefty marrow is probably as woody as can be inside, but on the off chance it isn't....has anyone got a good marrow recipe that will convince my marrow phobic family that's its worth eating....suggestions please!!!!


  1. I don't have any recipes but I hope you find one soon - it's been an odd year for courgettes here, some prolific and some producing v little in deed.

  2. Yikes! Well, you could use a tiny portion of it to make my deeeelicious zucchini cake :

  3. I don't like courgettes - even yesterday I thought how nice the yellow ones looked - so I bought some and tried making a vegetable chilli - normally I LOVE vegetable chilli but it was awful and I threw it away!

  4. I've been here - the things don't stop growing if they are left to get on with it. I


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