Thursday, 4 September 2014

Beanbag for my boy...

So this started as a quilt...
That was the plan anyway, but between my boy and me we got a little impatient for something finished, something finally out of the project box and in use. 

So I made a back panel, 
I bought a zip and used up the leftover beans from the Honeybun Poufs and we transformed a never to be finished quilt into a beanbag.

It's great for chilling out on and boy hasn't been out off by the flowery fabric at (so far!). I'm especially pleased by these patches...

The campfire ones came from his favourite smart shirt, a gift from his godfather when he was just a wee one! 


  1. This would have made a beautiful quilt!! though it makes a lovely pillow. Blessings, Catherine

  2. That was a handsome shirt & the "Goodfather" will be pleased with the recycling!

  3. Em you amaze me! Bloody talented or what?

  4. Oh, I DO love hexagon projects! Clever girl, you!

  5. It would have made a lovely quilt but it's a fabulous cushion too. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my last blog post... I can recommend the Amaretto in the jam!

  6. It's fab, and how lovely that it contains fabric from a special and favourite gift.

  7. You are very talented. I envy people that do quilting, it takes patients and creativity. Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day!


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