Monday, 29 April 2013

Violas and lemon cake

I've been inspired by the Violas this week - they don't care whether the weather is with us or not - they're busting out all over and insisting that it really is Spring ...really!

So in homage to the delicate lovelies we made a lemon and poppy seed bundt cake and decorated it with a glaze of lemon icing with viola flowers.

We even found some crystallised rose and violet petals for the centre - hey presto spring cake!

I'm going to try and crystallise some of our petals this year - has anyone else tried? - am I going to end up with a penicillin purée?

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  1. I'm going to grow violas instead of pansies this year - what do they taste like?

    1. Hi Sue - they're not a strong flavour, a bit peppery, a bit perfumed but nothing overpowering- I like them in a salad, just for the prettiness!

  2. They (violas not cakes) grow wild here...I would have no clue how to crystallise them though...and I'd be worried about what wild critters had done to them!
    Jane x

  3. what a beautiful looking cake... love violas too, such a delicate flower!

  4. Superb cake! (it lasted 1 day)

  5. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful again!


  6. I have wild violas in my garden, as well as some cultivated named varieties and they seem to be interbreeding quite nicely! i love how delicate they are, the cake looks lovely too!


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