Monday, 2 January 2012

Stilton crazy...

Today signals the start of cheese week at our house, when the five tons of Stilton that we bought, received and somehow acquired must be eaten up or rendered somehow useful as part of our war on waste.

First up was the thanks to the mega talented Shaheen at Allotment2kitchen. I saw these cheese, potato and kale pasties on her site and new we had just the leftovers to make them...

Then using the same mixture with addition of cranberry sauce I made smaller puff parcels...

These started off bite size but grew... Or maybe that says something about the size of my mouth!

Then I moved on to cheese scones.

Never having made these before I went to Internet for inspiration and followed the recipe from the Stilton website- where else?! They turned out pretty well, they're bound for the freezer so i'll have to see how they fare there.

And to finish, blue cheese pasta, nice and simple after the afternoons bakeathon...

Okay so that's a blue cheese dressing too! Phew - at least the Stilton is all gone now...until next year that is. Now does anyone know what I can do with a wheelbarrow full of Brie?

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  1. I love stilton - would have come round to help you eat it if I was nearer!

  2. Next year it's a deal Su, even if I have to post it!

  3. All sounds delicious and a good way to use Stilton. I really like having loads of leftovers as they usually end up as something delicious or as big time savers. Brie is delicious melted on baked potatoes and probably lots of other things, but particularly good on those.

    Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling 2012.

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  5. I must confess I've never eaten Stilton cheese, but now I must try it. LOL

  6. I was given a jar of Stilton last christmas and was hard pushed to finish it as I'm the sole eater of smelly cheese in my household (but I love a bit of Brie). Broccoli and Stilton soup is sublime and I love the look of your Stilton cheese scones - yum! Thanks for your new year's day comments - wishing you all the best for 2012!

  7. Stilton would be nice, but the Brie I often chop and use as an instant sauce on pasta. Even better if it is one of the newer varieties with blue veins!


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