Monday, 5 September 2011

Summers over, school begins...

Its official, summer is definitely over. All the signs are around us, the harvest is in, the nights are getting darker, Mums back to blogging...but most importantly the school shoes are polished and ready for the get go in the morning! And what a start to school it will be, one mini freeranger moving into 'Juniors', a phrase I like to use even though she sighs every time I call it that and tells me that was what it was called in the olden days! and one mini freeranger starting school for the very first time, although he doesn't quite believe it yet and just laughs and runs off when questioned!

this doesn't bode well for the shock he's going to get when he has to stay there all day, oh dear!

Fortunately this photo was taken before the weekend when Boy decided to tussle with a neighbours dog, the play was friendly and Boy was avoiding any teasing as he knows its wrong but the old dog got carried away and nipped him in play. Here are the results he'll be sporting for his first day at school...

My poor Boy...One trip to hospital, one very hysterical mother and several ice lollies later he was feeling much better, enough to tell me that he'd had " a terrible time and his head was sore and his tummy was rumbly...a biscuit might help"!

Not to be outdone, Girl has managed to lose 4 teeth this summer. She's mastered the art of speed eating spaghetti and we'll have no problem with her vampire outfit for Halloween, but I can only pray that schools photo wont be for a few weeks yet!

Ive got some foodie and garden blogs to come but for now the only thing in our house is the end of the holidays. We've crammed the days full, playing, adventuring, travelling, splashing, digging, scoffing, snoozing, giggling and most certainly avoinding the laundry mountain thats threatening to take over the sitting room.

But that was then... Uniforms have been pressed and hair clips collected from the bottom of toy boxes, book bags emptied and homework found too late to do much with it. All we have to do now is get out of the house on time and leave them at the classroom door. They'll be long as I don't embarrass them with my mumsy tears - someone save me a tissue for tomorrow, in fact make it a box...


  1. Hope you don't need too many tissues! I'm sure they'll have a lovely day.

  2. I never really got out of calling it juniors either even though I really taught in KS2. Doesn't sound as descriptive does it?

  3. I fell apart when my youngest started kindergarten. I don't think I embarrassed him too much. Hopefully, school pics won't be for a while - but if not, they will be memorable ones.

  4. Boys love a bit of gore - he'll be very popular in the school yard!!!!!

    Hope you get over the trauma of dropping them off!!

  5. Oh, bless him! I'm sure he'll love it wound or no wound 'though, and that picture of him in his uniform is gorgeous.
    Yep, we've got an over-active tooth fairy in our house, too, just in time for tomorrow. Enjoy the new term. X

  6. Thanks everyone - he's had a great start, trotting in on the first day without looking back! Now It seems as though he's been at school for ages and he's very prodly showing everyone his homework! Glad to say the eye has healed too - with no scars thank goodness!


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