Sunday, 31 July 2011

A walk in the park...

Today we packed up the Freerangers, Citygirl and the dogs and headed out for a proper grand day out. The rules were it had to be free, fun for everyone
and stand a good chance of tiring out children and animals. Yorkshire Sculpture Park fit the bill on all counts...

We had the awesome...

The magical...

The weird...

And the wonderful Henry Moore collection...

The special exhibition was by an artist called Jaume Plensa and the amazing mesh heads caught our eye...and eerily seemed to look upon us wherever we went!

The Minifreerangers loved these huge sculptures made of letters...

And the treepeople... I could do with some of these around my Hollyhocks to keep them upright!

We walked's amazing how far kids will walk when they've got something to look at!

And finally, at last, we achieved what I thought was impossible... Pearl and Arthur tired out!

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  1. ooooo I live five minutes from the Sculpture Park, you could have called in for a cuppa :) We were there last weekend checking out the new lakeside walks, it's a great place isn't it?
    twiggy x

  2. Sounds like you all had a fabulous day. I've heard so much about the sculpture park but have never been there. I had no idea it was free - makes it sound even more appealing.

  3. And I used to work really close by too in Woolley

  4. Such a breathtaking place (both the views and the walks!) can't wait to come back.

  5. I love the mesh heads. It would be awesome to see this place in person. I use to love family outings. My three college kids just don't want to do the same things as their parents anymore.

  6. Twiggy - hi there, next time you can get the kettle on! what a gorgeous part of the world to live in x

    Choclette - hi, it certainly was a fab day, everyone slept well after all that walking!we couldn't believe it was free either. There is a five pound charge for parking which goes to charity but it was well worth it!

    Sue- hiya, I saw the sign for Wooley and did think what a great name! what a small world x

  7. What a wonderful day out! I love the tree huggers - I'd also like some to hold up my fruit trees! I wonder if, as the tree grew, the people would become part of the tree? Caro x
    PS thanks for commenting on my Saturday Snap post; before chopping your courgette plants, have a read of my post The Zucchini Chop, it describes how it's the lower leaves that come off, leaving the inside leaves - so don't go mad!!

  8. Hi Caro - thanks for the advice . I certainly will have a look before I get snipping! And as your my first comment today can I wish a very happy Yorkshire day!

  9. Looks a lovely place - and Pearl and Arthur are ADORABLE!

  10. Looks like a great day---love the two tired dogs!

  11. What a great way to spend the day! I love it.


  12. What a wonderful sculpture garden to wander about. Thanks for posting the pics! Those mesh heads are very eerie - like giants slipping in and out of another dimension to watch all the people walking around. Glad you enjoyed your day. Have a good time in the south of France. *waves cheerily*

  13. Sounds like a jam-packed full of fun day!

  14. I'm all for the tree people. Those are very unique.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. nice pictures..would love to take a walk like this ...

  16. What a lovely day out - lucky you!

  17. Glad you had such a fantastic day out, E. x


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