Monday, 11 April 2011

This Ideal Home...

You know what its like, you get some quality time with your girls and all they do is spend their time on the phone! To be fair Gardengirl and Citygirl had trailed around the Ideal home exhibition with me and were in need of muchio refreshment! Refreshment came in the form of champagne cocktails with gold bits floating in them...very fab and gorgeous as long as you don't think too much about where all that gold is going to end up!

Being anything but an Ideal Home Owner we decided to make this years Spring outing to the Ideal Home exhibition in search of inspiration.  I don't know what I was expecting - perhaps the secret to domestic bliss or at least a contraption to make children put their own clothes in the wash basket. Well we didn't find those...but we did find some very nice chandeliers...
Perhaps one day...

and we bumped into Greg Wallace from Masterchef! I managed to resist saying "this is where cooking gets serious!"

We were eating in his cafe when he popped over  to our table - Im ashamed to say that id just put a whole pickled onion in my mouth and couldn't speak or swallow the onion for shock! GG and CG did all the talking and then he moved on. I was so mortified by pickle shame that CG made me go and ask him to come back for a photo - which he did, very generously - i didn't tell him about my onion dilemma though - the horror!

We didn't buy much but came back with lots of brochures, just waiting for those lottery numbers to come up now!


  1. Oh I so wanted to go to the Ideal Home Bash - but knew it was never a go go cos of Hubby's business. Still - any tips? There is a FAB light shop in Stockton - have some fabulous lights!

  2. It sounds like a lot of fun. Pickled onions - I am allergic.


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