Tuesday, 12 April 2011

She wore an Easter bonnet, and so did her brother...

Its Easter Bonnet time again, time to throw taste, design and the rules of couture out the window and go wild with plastic chicks and yellow ribbon. This year for the first time boy decided he wanted in on the fun...

Never one to be left out!
but he's got big competition from his sister who designed and made her own creation  - okay we may have don a bit of supergluing when she went to bed, but only to keep those fiddly bunnies in place!

Bonnets shouldn't be just for Easter - i cant help but think life would be a whole lot more interesting if we wore one of these to the supermarket more often...

These two certainly thought so...


  1. So cute - the kids and the hats.

  2. Awesome! I love how kids can wear quirky things, and strangers will think it's cute. If an adult had to do the same, ppl would probably want to commit them! :-)

  3. Fabulous hats ... and even more gorgeous children. Lovely images. x

  4. Hmmmm I have a wonderful bag which would go with that hat!


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