Tuesday, 22 February 2011

An Inspector calls and calls again...

This is me with my feet up. A rare sight, but exactly where I intend them to be this week, no excuses and guilt free. And this is why...

1. we have finally got our roof structure in place - 'topped out' as they say...After sitting under piles of snow for seven weeks these timbers were lifted into place by BH. I was at work when they had their little ceremony and raised the Yorkshire flag - but was mighty glad to see it in place! So its finally in place and was inspected this week and passed muster - of course!

2...and then on Monday when the world was in a heart shaped haze for Valentines day I got the Ofsted phone call. I don't write about work on this blog for obvious reasons but lets just say when the school inspectors phone to say they're coming for a visit its enough to strike fear into the heart of any school leader. Well, they came, they saw and they left, oh and they said they were very pleased with everything we're doing, so that's good! The inspection couldn't have gone better to be honest but by Friday the adrenaline I'd been running on all week sapped out of me and all I was fit for was to be sent to lie down in a darkened room!

But now the clouds are lifting, there are recipes to be sampled, seeds to be planted, blogs to visit and a whole load of tiles to shift. But first, back to the feet up, for just a bit longer...


  1. Glad both inspections went well - you deserve your rest after that week! At least Mr Ofsted won't be back for a few years and you can enjoy the roof too.

  2. Sit back and enjoy your rest you deserve it, well done!

  3. Great news about the inspections. Enjoy your break - I LOVE your socks!!

  4. I'd say you deserve to put your feet up after such a stressful week. At least everything went well.

  5. Love the socks! An important part of any feet upping exercise! Glad all went well.

  6. Great news on both the house progress and the Ofsted report. Enjoy half term break. x


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