Sunday, 31 August 2014

From Best in Show to the Doghouse in a day...

See this guy...

He had his proud moment at the Thorpe Hall fun day, winning best in show! He stood to attention, paraded and trotted up and down like a good un and was rewarded for his gorgeousness. We couldn't be prouder....

Until 4 o clock this morning when the street was woken by a wailing that could wake the dead. We ran down stairs in panic expecting to find a dying dog but instead found Arthur and his sidekick Pearl   , our Jack Russell, in the middle of a stand off. He was limping and she had a nip on the top of her head. Thankfully no serious damage, but what had caused this tiff in the middle of the night we'll never know. But for now they're both looking pretty sorry for themselves...

 They've both been put to bed in different rooms tonight - what's the betting they're yowling to be together by 2am. 

Next time I'm putting doggy cam up to see who started it!


  1. Oh bless. A bit of jealousy perhaps?

  2. A bit of jealousy peeping in? Congratulations for best in show. pity Arthur went and blotted his copy book.

  3. We need a doggy cam - SOMEBODY managed to lift up the roller shutter on one of the kitchen cupboards and steal 2 jumbo bone treats and 2 massive dog chews - apparently these act as a laxative! (Don't ask how I know!)

  4. Look at them - like butter wouldn't melt!


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