Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pompom dahlias

We've just cut our first dahlia...

We've never grown the pompous before only admired them at flower shows. Admittedly a bouquet of them would be nice but one will do for now...

We need a bit of colour to see us through the grimness that appears to be our summertime...

At least we don't have to do any watering...


  1. I grew pompom dahlias from seed last year but they didn't pompom!

  2. Love the vibrancy and colour of this Pompom. I have actually brought some seeds this year so will be trying my hand at them... will try and keep you all posted :) not sure i will get them quite to this level

  3. Very pretty!
    We are in I guess a heat wave and so hot I have to water at least twice a day.
    My dahlias didn't last long, I guess because of the heat.
    But sorry it is better than too much rain.
    Nice garden!

  4. You did a great job with this pompom!. It was well maintained. I guess I didn't start mine in the right season and it barely stayed beyond 2 months

  5. Hi - No posts for a while - have you stopped blogging?

    1. Hi Sue - I did stop for a while - life sort of got in the way! Im going to give it another go and im looking forward to liking in on your site - I hope you've had a good year in the garden x


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