This Yorkshire Girl...

I grew up in Yorkshire in a small seaside town and then an even smaller rural village. Being a normal teenager I hot footed it in search of bright lights and big city life as soon as I could! But 17 year later, married with two children I found myself driving our belongings back up the A1 to start a new life on old turf.

Its old territory for me, but for my tribe of lovelies it was a complete culture shock - no starbucks, no giant diy stores, no takeway delivery service and most importantly none of our London chums around the corner.

But on the plus side - chickens, grandparents, gardens, beach, a dog to name but a few.

We're getting there (although i do pine for a good greek resteraunt!)

Two years down the line we have made new friends, kept in touch with old ones (not as well as we should...)we've got a crazy dog and not only keep chickens but seem to be breeding them successfully too. Were self sufficient if you live entirely on radishes and courgettes and we've both become gardeners somewhere along the line.

Oh and weve just about rebuilt our crumbling damp ridden house.

We are planning to sit down some time soon...


  1. Hi, I found you whilst meandering from A room with a few views posts. I love your sparkle and energy and am so glad that the chickens are reproducing........I want to follow you some more.

  2. Thankyou for dropping in - Im glad you like it -it started very much as a way of keeping a record of what we are doing and a way to get back into writing - I had no idea how much I would enjoy blogging - or that anyone else would ever read it - look forward to hearing from you again:)

  3. Hi, Snap in so many ways! Found you through The Good Life Blog and I'm enjoying the visit. Mo

  4. Hi Free Range Girl. Very nice to meet you, I am looking forward to having a good look through your blog.


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