This Yorkshire Craftiness...

My Nan was a knitter and crochet queen and my granny embroidered, upholstered and made models of swiss villages (dont ask!) So somewhere along the line I think I was bound to pick up the Craftivist bug. I learnt the basics at their knees but put away my needles for a long time until I was pregnant with my daughter and I started to feel the pull of the wool!

My grandladies are sadly no longer with us so I've had to rely on books and blogs for advice, but bit by bit its coming back to me...and I'm learning new stuff all the time.

My mission this year is to complete some, make that all of the projects ive started which are languishing in baskets around the house, my UFOs (unfinished objects). I dont get much time for these in between working full time, parenting and gardening but I try to make sure I do a little and often as I know now that Nan and Gran were onto something - the zen of stitchery.

On this page I hope to record my projects as I go. Hopefully I'll progress as I progress and my skills might go up as the unused yarn and fabric stash goes down. Hopefully somewhere two old Yorkshire Craftivists will be proud and hopefully if i complete my UFOs BH wont notice if i bring more fabric into the house!!!

This is my first completed project...

I bought the Kaffe Fasset squares on ebay and the binding from our local fabric shop. I had to sew it with one hand on the machine and one had on 'quilting for dummies' and at one point I was laid on the living room floor pinning it, hand sewing it and trying to stop the dog from plonking himself down on it! I've done bits of patchwork before but this is the first Ive finished - hurrah!


  1. Thanks Elizabeth - this was the first quilt I've ever finished!

  2. Very pretty..Like it..Clever girl..

  3. wow that is gorgeous!! I've never quilted (I'm ashamed to say). love to see anything else you create. great blogging :-)


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